The Origin and Purpose of the Geneva Appeal II.

In 1978, a group from the University of Geneva launched an Appeal to the elected officials of Europe as well as to the European Parliament with a view to finding an alternative to the Super-Phoenix breeder reactor at Creys-Malville (France) and to the plutonium era. This was the Geneva Appeal.

Thirty-five years later, a group of friends, aware of the ever greater – and insoluble – problems posed by the nuclear sector overall, are profoundly disturbed by the disinformation surrounding the seriously devastated and contaminated Japan. It would appear that this lack of information is being maintained in the hope that the world will rapidly forget this “incident” and thus allow the nuclear industry to continue to sell its reactors. It is a text intended as wake up call from the current general torpor and was thus drafted by persons both competent and reliable: it is the Geneva Appeal II.

Fate would have it that this citizen initiative should be launched in Geneva during the year that this city is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the invention of the Red Cross, the initiator of which was Henry Dunant, a Geneva citizen. While it was praiseworthy to tend the wounds caused by human folly, our duty is today to prevent this folly from causing a cascade of disasters.

 This text should be diffused widely by all receiving it to persons of their choice, especially through on-line networks, in order to provoke an awakening of conscience, processes and publications, in short, any actions that might incite our authorities to assume their responsibilities in the face of the ever increasing danger that this energy of mass destruction represents.

Although our means are modest, our ambition is on a scale with the danger we face, in spite of ourselves, because of everything nuclear. It is imperative that we abandon this energy in all haste, an energy that has already twice demonstrated the    incalculable damage it can cause.

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